As an experienced insurance intermediary, Fletcher Financial, Inc. facilitates fair and reasonable transactions that bring the right buyer and the right seller together.


We are an insurance intermediary, developing and delivering insurance mergers and acquisitions options, reinsurance solutions, and capital surplus alternatives to the life, health, and property and casualty insurance markets.

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We provide our clients with different perspectives, insurance mergers and acquisitions motivations, and competitive strategies that allow them to be successful throughout the M&A process.

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Mergers and acquisitions play a vital role in an insurance company’s growth strategy. Fletcher Financial, Inc. provides the M&A resources, so companies do not have to use internal resources to explore the market for buyers and sellers.


With over three decades of experience, expertise, and insurance industry knowledge, Fletcher Consulting Services is an additional resource that provides assistance to companies or individuals wishing to enter the insurance marketspace. Our multiple resources and long-standing market contacts allow us to ascertain and identify mergers and acquisitions growth opportunities, assist with the establishment of corporate goals, present fronting options, and recommend appropriate talent for a company’s executive team and board members.


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