At Fletcher Financial, Inc. we provide our clients a third-party resource that targets insurance mergers and acquisitions options and provides buyers and sellers cost, revenue, and resource efficiencies.

Trending in the insurance mergers and acquisitions markets is rarely obvious. Staying abreast on the current market activities requires constant communication with the various decision makers. With over 30 years of experience and relationship building, Fletcher Financial, Inc. provides our clients with the different perspectives, motivations, and competitive strategies that allow them to be successful throughout the insurance M&A process—we manage the entire spectrum of this process. Our market familiarity, our ability to communicate effectively with both buyer and seller, and our demonstrated experience provide our clients with the assurance that all options are presented for their consideration. We strive to ensure that compatibility is achieved on multiple fronts including infrastructure, distribution, processing capabilities, and pricing.

Fletcher Financial, Inc. is committed to learning each company’s goals and objectives in order to obtain a clear understanding of the company’s direction. We do not push an acquisition for the sake of a sale. We keep our client’s best interest at the forefront of the transaction and have built our reputation on providing solid, innovative solutions to our clients.


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Frequent Client Objectives

  • Strengthen business activities
  • Strive to capture profitable markets
  • Penetrate new markets
  • Deploy excess capital
  • Expand licensing
  • Divesture of run-off blocks of business
  • Platform acquisitions
  • Expand distribution channels
  • Achieve greater market share