For over 30 years Fletcher Financial, Inc. has been developing and delivering insurance mergers and acquisitions options, reinsurance solutions, and capital surplus alternatives to the life, health, and property and casualty insurance markets. Founded in 1988 by John Scott, Fletcher Financial, Inc. is an insurance intermediary with a demonstrated success record of over 450 closed transactions. We are a responsible and dedicated firm that has formed solid and ongoing partnerships with some of the nation’s top insurers.

We are an innovative company with the experience to assist with market solutions ranging from reinsurance and joint ventures, to shell and company acquisitions. Our extensive resources, contacts, and knowledge of industry trends ensure that our clients are aware of the opportunities in the marketplace.

Fletcher Financial, Inc is not, nor is required to be, a registered Broker-Dealer with the SEC and does not engage in the business of buying and selling securities.


Our expertise is insurance mergers and acquisitions, but the M&A process will often entail the need for additional resources such as actuarial, legal, and administrative support. Fletcher Financial, Inc. does not offer these services directly, but we can readily recommend professionals to provide these skills.


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